Why Pro Vita?

Assistance With Accreditation

We Have Exceptional Accreditation Scores

Pro Vita understands that it takes a team to succeed in all endeavors, particularly when it comes to meeting legislative standards and receiving credentials such as Accreditation. Our organization has worked with both CARF and Accreditation Canada and has succeeded in passing all Accreditations that we have taken part in. Accreditation for our managed Homes is a demonstration that we meet and exceed safety standards for both residents and staff. Accreditation is not just pride in accomplishment; it is a quantitative demonstration of our commitment to the residents, staff and all others that come into the Home. Our dedicated Management Team works diligently to ensure that all of our staff are fully prepared for the accreditation walk through and any interviews or observations that may take place. Due to our on-going training programs, the staff are continuously improving themselves and resident care and this is demonstrated by our exceptional Accreditation scores.

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