Why Pro Vita?

Clinical Oversight

Pro Vita staff are dedicated to providing care as unique as each individual. Residents are not just room numbers or diagnoses; they are real people who deserve genuine respect, individual care and dignity. They are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers; and remembering this sets the Pro Vita staff apart. The employees of Pro Vita focus on the person, not the tasks. This mind-set ensures that the staff provide each and every resident the respect and dignity that they deserve. The places where Pro Vita operates are the resident’s home, their safe place, their comfort zone, and it is up to everyone who works for Pro Vita to create this environment. It may be a cliché, but the Pro Vita staff remember that they work and are “guests” in the residents’ home. Simple demonstrations of respect, such as knocking and asking permission before entering, speaking to the residents as equals and getting to know the person within; their likes, dislikes and pet-peeves assists our staff in building strong relationships which helps in building trust when providing very personalized care. The Pro Vita team has a support team that provides clinical oversight both on site and off site by the Site Management, Operations Manager and Operations Management Team. These resources include:

  • Clinical Director who is an experienced Registered Nurse and provides training and site support that accelerates the knowledge base.
  • Wound Care Clinician who is available for consult and training regarding wound care.
  • Director of Quality Assurance who reviews each Home from an overall perspective by conducting audits and sample size reviews of Nursing Charts, Care Plans, ADLs and medication Records and prepares reports and action plans as required.
  • Manager of Compliance and Quality Assurance who focuses on the cleanliness of each Home, and utilizes the Westech system to monitor and provide unbiased feedback to each manager, and;
  • Occupational Health & Safety Specialist who conducts regular audits and inspections to ensure that all WorkSafe BC Regulations are implemented and enforced and offers regular training and support to prevent injuries by eliminating, minimizing and communicating with the staff on any unsafe conditions within their work environment.
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention Trainer who provides annual training to the staff on Non Violet Crisis Intervention.

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