Employee Testimonials

"My time with Pro Vita has been just over 4 years. The time I have put in has been a learning and giving, joy ride, full of twists, turns. Through this time Pro Vita has guided me along with care and a whole lot of patience. I have nothing but gratitude for the management team of Pro Vita, I wish I could give them more."


Care Aide

“Being part of the Pro Vita team has been a positive experience. While maintaining professionalism, the management team has been encouraging, and offers positive feedback constantly. Our residents are friendly, and I enjoy the interaction I get with them. I am happy to be a part of this team!”


“I love working with Pro Vita. As a Pro Vita staff member, I feel like I’m working in a large family. Pro Vita is a great company and I feel comfortable working for them.”
Agustinus H

Care Aide

“I am indeed honored to be part of Pro Vita Care Management. I thank you for being my employer and I would not have traded this work for any other.  I have been blessed with you as my employer as I learned a lot from you. I truly appreciate all the challenges that come along my way to mold me the way I am now. I am proud to be known as a Pro Vita employee.”


Licensed Practical Nurse

“I started with Pro Vita Care Management in the summer of 2012 as a casual floor Nurse. By the fall of the same year, I was provided with an opportunity to become a Supervisor at a long term care facility in Vancouver during which I found a sense of belonging and support within the management team. By fall of 2013, my skills, experience, hard work and dedication was recognized by the corporate management team. I was promoted to a Site Manager.

Pro Vita Care Management is a company who recognizes their employees as an essential member of the team and I am a testament to the company’s values. In addition, professional growth and development is promoted by providing education, training and mentorship. I see a bright and long future with Pro Vita Care Management as I feel I am a valued member of the company because my work is appreciated and recognized.”


Care Manager

“I have worked for Pro Vita since 2006. I am very grateful to work for the company. I gained a lot of experience and have learned the correct approach in conflict resolution. Pro Vita helped me achieve all the goals I have had since the very beginning and has made me more professional. I feel valuable as a worker and feel that I am treated with dignity and respect”


Care Aide

"Working with Pro Vita for almost 2 years has been great. It’s the first company that I worked for as a Care Aide when I came to Canada. I’ve developed my skills and learned a lot with a good and efficient team. Thank you for the opportunity and I am looking forward to more years to come working with Pro Vita."


Care Aide

“After starting working for Pro Vita in 2013, I felt this overwhelming rush of support and guidance from my manager and my coworkers. The management is easy to talk to and always validate my concerns. I truly feel valued as a Pro Vita employee. I am thrilled to be a part of such a great team who strive and believe in providing the best resident focused care possible.”

Care Manager

“As a company, I feel that Pro Vita is very fair when it comes to their approach with employees. I feel secure and content with this company.”


Licensed Practical Nurse

“7 months after being employed with Pro Vita my brother died in a tragic manner.  The Vice President and Operations Manager were extremely supportive and compassionate.  From coming to the funeral to assisting in my everyday tasks.  At this point I realized that Pro Vita is not just a company to work for but my new family.”


“From the beginning I felt like I belonged to a family. Art Forster often sat and had lunch with me in the facility lunchroom, talked about family, sports and life. He talked to me, not like an employee or someone who reported to him, but as an important part of the organization. As my role in the organization grew that feeling never changed, he taught me that everyone working within Pro Vita was an integral piece of the success of the company. He has continued to empower me in my personal and professional growth. When I transitioned to a more senior leadership role I took his teachings with me and my prayer is that each person understands how vital they are to our success. No matter how small the role from the casual to the long term employee everyone is important. ”



“Being a Pro Vita employee (RN) for almost three years, I have always felt that I belong to a team. My supervisors are continuously providing support and other team members are always there to lend a hand when needed. Pro Vita had and is constantly giving me opportunities (education, training, experience), which has contributed a lot in improving myself personally and professionally, and for that, I will always be thankful.”


Registered Nurse