Why Pro Vita?

Continuous Quality Improvement

Ensuring Safe & Happy Residents

Pro Vita puts the health and safety of the residents and staff first and foremost. We have a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program that is designed to ensure that the Licensing, Accreditation, WorkSafe BC and Health Authority standards are met and/or exceeded, and our staff and residents remain safe and happy.

A Learning Culture With Leadership Growth

Pro Vita fosters a learning culture that supports both care that is grounded in the best possible evidence/best practice as well as ongoing professional development creating an environment of growth and leadership.

Directed by our quality framework, our learning culture is supported by a clinical and operational infrastructure that allows for continual improvement while ensures standards are met and exceeded. As practices evolve, our staff continuously have access to the education and training opportunities. This strategy has dual goals:

  1. To build our capacity to evolve in order to continually meet and exceed our funders and resident needs.
  2. To retain staff through the creation of a professionally rewarding work environment.

Monthly Service Audits Ensure Exceptional Care

Pro Vita conducts monthly audits of all services provided to the residents to guarantee that each resident is provided an exceptional level of care. Pro Vita also works closely with all affiliates in measuring all levels of residents’ care & services throughout the Homes that we manage, and to do this we conduct Housekeeping Audits, Food Service Audits and Laundry Audits.

Industry Experts Ensure Ongoing Compliance

We employ industry experts who help ensure our ongoing compliance with all provincial regulatory standards, legislation and governmental/ministerial requirements. These experts ensure adherence to health care delivery related legislation, standards & guidelines and excellence in care is provided. Our Human Resources Professionals work with our Facility Management and Executive team to maintain our compliance with human resources-related legislation while also leveraging their labour relations expertise.

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