About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Pro Vita is a Leader in the Health Care Industry

BC Owned & Operated

Pro Vita is owned and operated from beautiful British Columbia with a centrally located Head Office in Surrey. We provide services to sites located throughout the BC and Alberta.

Over 17 Years Experience in Health Care

Our company began operations in 2003 at one facility. Our expertise and commitment to our clients has enabled us to grow to providing our services in 28 facilities.

Our Size & Structure

Pro Vita is a mid- sized organization with the capacity to deliver quick response times in terms of resources, infrastructure, expertise and technology. Our management structure is lean and applies a flat organizational theory to provide few layers of senior management and none of the accompanying bureaucracy typical of larger organizations. Our clients benefit from our nimbleness and responsiveness by Pro Vita having the ability to:


  • Make decisions in minutes or hours rather than the weeks or months of larger organizations
  • Maintain close relationships with employees and clients
  • Respond quickly to concerns or emergencies from clients
  • Quickly respond to changes, adapt to and adopt new practices/procedures

Aside from Operations Managers, Site Management and Front Line Staff, Pro Vita provides support staff, including: Clinical Director, Wound Care Clinician, Director of Quality Assurance, Manager of Compliance and Quality Assurance, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Non Violent Crisis Intervention Trainer and Head Office Support including Human Resources and Payroll.

We Are Specialized

Pro Vita specializes in Complex Care (Long Term Care), Assisted Living, and Mental Health providing a range of care disciplines. To work with the elderly, one must have compassion and patience. Our staff not only practice these skills, but are consistently recognized for the joy that they bring to the Elders in the nature of care that they provide. Our staff strive to provide the highest quality of care possible. Pro Vita recognizes our teams’ achievements and provides a work environment that fosters growth, continuous learning, great compensation and benefits, internal education and advancement opportunities.

Affiliate Companies

Pro Vita has three affiliate companies that are operated under the same Executive and Management Team.

  • Care At Home Service provides community health care services to clients who need anything from help with every day activities to round-the-clock medical care.
  • Pro Administration Services Inc. provides administrative head office support to the group of companies, including payroll, finance, human resources and health & safety.
  • WestCana Services Inc. provides support services such as housekeeping, laundry, food and maintenance services.

Industry Connections

Pro Vita has built lasting relationships and industry connections in our 17 years of operations. We are associated with organization such as BC Care Providers, BC Seniors Living Association, College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC, WorkSafe BC, a number of Colleges and all Health Authorities.