Why Pro Vita?

Education and Training

We Build On Each of Our Employee’s Unique Talents

Recognizing that each Nurse, Resident Care Aide, Recreation Attendant, Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Assistant and Social Worker that joins Pro Vita comes with a certain skill set it is up to the management and executive team to build on each individual’s unique talents, as well provide them with development opportunities. To do this, we provide many hands on opportunities for learning; which benefits not only the employees, but the residents and Pro Vita as a whole.

Pro Vita provides mandatory training to all staff to meet legislated requirements, but also provides optional training opportunities to each staff member to build upon their career goals. Some of these opportunities are provided through our Education Assistance Program, where staff can be sponsored by Pro Vita to achieve further educational certifications, diplomas or degrees. Through this program, we have developed staff to move through various departments including Care Aides becoming Recreation Attendants, Nurses, Physiotherapists or Care Managers. Nursing staff can attend specialized programs to obtain additional certifications. Some examples of certifications we have sponsored include Advanced Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Infection Control and Wound Care.

Some of the additional training programs include:

  • Maintenance of resident dignity
  • Prevention and Outbreak training
  • Activities of daily living, including dressing the residents and other types of personal and private care
  • Gentle Care/Person Centered Care, which reminds the staff of the environment that they work in, and that the resident’s comfort is first and foremost
  • Working with mobility challenges
  • Keeping the residents safe without the use of restraints
  • Eliminating cross-contamination
  • Prevention of wandering risks and re-direction
  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation

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