Why Pro Vita?

Health and Safety

Healthy & Happy Employees Ensure Success

Pro Vita has developed an Occupational Health and Safety Program and an Employee Assistance Program that works towards not just ensuring the staff’s physical safety, but they are taking care of their mental well-being as well. Through our years of experience, our leadership recognizes that without healthy and happy staff, the residents will not receive the care that they deserve.

Occupational Health & Safety Team

Pro Vita has an educated and dedicated Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) team that works with the facilities to address the unique issues and hazards that arise. The OH&S team assists management and the Joint Occupational Health and Safety committees at the facilities with meeting legislative requirements, as well as investigations into incidents, near misses and injuries.

Employee Assistance Program

When necessary, the OH&S team also works with staff that have been injured at work. Pro Vita has developed a Gradual Return to Work Program that makes it possible for an injured worker to modify their duties if their injury prevents them from doing their regular duties. We work with our employees, WorkSafe BC, physicians and physiotherapists to regain an injured workers health and ability to do their job. Returning the injured worker to their pre-injury duties is our priority and having a strong Gradual Return to Work Program demonstrates Pro Vita’s dedication not just to the organization’s bottom line, ensure health and safety are priorities in the work place.

Pro Vita provides various and specific training programs to our staff to ensure health and safety in the workplace:


Infection Control, to ensure contact, droplet and airborne precautions, including Personal Protective Equipment.  Our infection control program helps the staff learn to prevent outbreaks, prevent cross-contamination and keep themselves safe.


Proper Body Mechanics (MSIP) to prevent injuries to themselves, such as how to lift, push and pull safely.


Chemical Safety (WHMIS), to ensure that not only is the legislation followed, but to guarantee that both the residents and staff are safe from injuries caused by solutions mixed or used inappropriately.


Overall Safety Measures, including reporting unsafe situations within their environment, equipment in disrepair and reporting injuries.


Non-Violent Crisis Intervention techniques work to ensure that staff are reacting appropriately in situations that escalate beyond what is a normal interaction with a resident.  This program works to protect both the staff and residents from unnecessary injuries in unpredictable situations.


Safe Work Procedures and Risk Assessments are communicated and taught for tasks which present a risk of injury.  While all situations may not be predictable, this training helps staff make intelligent decisions based on the unique situation that is in front of them.

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